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How to care for gold vermeil jewelry

What is Gold Vermeil Jewelry?

As you know, when it comes to gold jewelry, there are more types which you can own. Solid gold jewelry refers to pieces that contain at least 41.6% gold (10k). Gold filled jewelry pieces contain a thick layer of gold plating. The gold in these pieces needs to represent at least 5% of the weight of the entire piece. Gold plated jewelry contains a layer of gold over another base metal. There is no thickness requirement for those pieces. Vermeil jewelry, on the other hand, has very strict conditions to meet. The core metal needs to be silver and the gold layer needs to be at least 2.5 microns thick.

In other words, gold vermeil is silver jewelry with a thick gold coating. And because it contains two precious metals, you get the best of both. It is, usually, less expensive than solid gold jewelry, but looks the same. This is why you should own a couple of vermeil jewelry pieces in your collection

Vermeil jewelry is beautiful, high-quality and versatile. If you don’t own a couple of vermeil pieces, then it’s time to get some because trust us, you will fall in love with them. However, wearing your pieces is not everything. You also need to know how to clean jewelry. If you want to maintain your vermeil jewelry in perfect condition, read further. We have prepared a care & maintenance guide which you will find very useful when treating with gold vermeil.

How to clean vermeil jewelry?

Before we discuss cleaning and maintenance methods, let’s take a moment to understand vermeil jewelry. As you may know, gold is a very soft metal that scratches easily. This is why even solid gold pieces contain other harder metals in the alloy. The less gold you have in the piece, the more scratch-resistant it will be. The same principle applies to gold vermeil.

Use lukewarm water and a soft liquid soap, if you need to. Avoid harsh chemicals and detergents when cleaning your gold vermeil. Contrary to what you may find on the internet, you shouldn’t dip your pieces in water. Instead, dip a lint-free cloth in the bowl with water and soap and gently rub your vermeil jewelry piece. While with silver or solid gold you can also use a jewelry brush, we recommend you not to try it on gold vermeil. You can end up rubbing off the layer of gold, leaving the silver underneath visible.

After you finish cleaning your piece, rinse it by using another cloth dipped in plain water. Carefully dry it afterward and place it in your jewelry box, wrapped in a soft cloth.

Do’s & Don’t of Gold Vermeil Jewelry

One of the biggest mistake women do is apply their body lotion or perfume while wearing their jewelry. The chemicals in those products can interact with the metals in the jewelry pieces and ruin their look. Make sure to wait for at least five or six minutes after you apply your cosmetic products before putting on your vermeil jewelry. It’s is needless to say that you shouldn’t do housework while wearing your jewelry. Also, it’s best to avoid exercising or going to the pool with your jewelry on. And last, but not least, when you place your vermeil pieces in your jewelry box, make sure to keep them separate from your other jewelry.

Stay Golden!

XX Lisa