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Measure Your Ring Size At Home

Choosing The Right Ring Size

Whether you are buying a ring for yourself, or selecting one as a gift, getting the right sized ring is often a struggle when it comes to shopping online. 

While going to a jeweler or purchasing a ring sizer are great options to get an accurate reading on your ring size, there is however an easy way that you can measure your own ring size at home. The best part is, you probably already have all the tools you'll need.


How to size your ring

How To Measure Your Ring Size

We put together an easy ring sizing chart to help you on your journey. 

Tools needed:

  1. Ruler
  2. Piece of string


  1. Wrap a piece of string around the finger you would like to size. Mark where the two ends of the string meet, making sure to leave a little extra room so you can remove the ring from your finger. 
  2. Measure the string against your ruler in millimeters (mm).
  3. Use our Rubyblu chart to determine your approximate size.