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Bloom for Yourself

Bloom for Yourself

Before you let yourself go, remember:

Everything about you is important: The little things, the marks on you, the secrets you hold behind your heart, the notes you write yourself and tuck inside your favorite book, the music you love, the dreams you have, the words you speak, the stories you tell. And, all the pain you hold between your ribs like an injured bird you're not ready to set free--everything.

Everything about you is important because it's all of YOU!  It's who you are! Understand this. Don't change anything for anyone just because you're afraid of their perception of you. Become the brightest light and let them adjust to you for a change. Keep hold of all that you can until you decide if any of it is holding you back. And then you have the choice to let it go-- when you are ready.

Read this twice.

My old boss posted this and it hit home for me.                                                      It's the perfect first post for the re-launch of my jewelry business.

Love you.

Stay Golden 

XX Lis